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meet oumi dieng (@oumi_janta ) from germany who fell in love with roller dancing in 2014. oumi often practices in a group — sometimes in gyms, but preferably outside in the sun and with music. “to skate through the streets of berlin and share a smile with the people around me,” she says, “that is what i like best of all.” go for a skate with oumi on today’s story.

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@henryscamera 16 hours ago

Great moves!

@laquashaleath64 16 hours ago

I like your skates

@jameseriba 15 hours ago


@mojammelhossai 15 hours ago

So nice

@eugen.baicu.338 15 hours ago


@rahnama354 14 hours ago

آرزو میکنم لبخند مهمون لبهاتون باشه وشادیاز درو دیوار قلبتون سرازیر شود 💕🌸پیج اصلی گالری باران👇👇 @barangallery3500

@zainababramahni 13 hours ago

Oya vipi

@yaoi._.beast 13 hours ago


@fuentealba.castillo 13 hours ago

Yo soy esa

@live_in_rakhiv 12 hours ago

Wow 😮

@yaninaperez792 11 hours ago


@yaninaperez792 11 hours ago

Me parece muy buena 👏👏

@jumalonnaine2018 11 hours ago


@isokebrown 11 hours ago

Nice skills!

@chulasydney 10 hours ago

@jonny_pow_now_ it’s your birthday it’s your birthday! you should party this weekend like it’s your birthday 🎂

@nova.la.lucian 10 hours ago

@instagram i enjoyed this ♀️🔮

@nova.la.lucian 10 hours ago

@victoriabonya yup. not for sale ✌️

@super_naturale 9 hours ago

Follow me for mysterious fact and videos

@benatti_83 9 hours ago

Só não faço isso pq não tenho uma meia amarela assim!!!!!

@maayyy.srh 8 hours ago


@maayyy.srh 8 hours ago


@marksafour 7 hours ago

Fantastic rolling

@mairena_nestor_usmc 7 hours ago

Much respect for you my lady

@nannysuelen 6 hours ago

@lilijl2911 olha eu

@stephen.robb.374 5 hours ago

Well done👏

@kynsleyjo 4 hours ago

Why are you skating in the middle of the road

@dash_spriggs 2 hours ago

Must be listening to some heat 🔥

@mohamadrostame3456 2 hours ago

عجب سیاهی

@omar_elyi 2 hours ago


@pavlofedoniuk4295 49 minutes ago

What a girl?!

@savoedasix 21 minutes ago


@kadir_balyemez in a minute


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