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meet oumi dieng (@oumi_janta ) from germany who fell in love with roller dancing in 2014. oumi often practices in a group — sometimes in gyms, but preferably outside in the sun and with music. “to skate through the streets of berlin and share a smile with the people around me,” she says, “that is what i like best of all.” go for a skate with oumi on today’s story.

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That is the bond and on fire.👼💃🚵

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How long would u thinks its to learn it...

@arzel.higgs.775 last month

🔥 how nice and cool!

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داش‌ باشوااا

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Me gusta el ritmo

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U good too

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This have to come to fortnight

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@ilyasmaseeh 3 weeks ago

Good morning

@ilyasmaseeh 3 weeks ago

Good morning

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So pro

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Douer la nana moi je suis parterre en 2 mn il fait beau être jeune

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@tuannadurak 2 weeks ago

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@yasminnunesmesquita 2 weeks ago

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Ninguém tem precoseito com sou né

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Wow my goodness gracious wow beautiful and

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Showl ll 👏👏

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