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Photo by @vincent_bal
using light, a pencil and paper, belgian film director vincent bal (@vincent_bal ) practices “shadowology.” in his daily ritual, he offers common objects, like cooking supplies or cooking utensils, a second life in his drawings and videos.
his singular goal? to make people laugh. “whether they’re from saudi arabia, texas or japan, everyone laughs at the little joke i’ve made,” says vincent. “i find it comforting that we all laugh at the same things. in a way, it shows that people are not so different.”
see more of vincent’s shadow art come to life on today’s story.

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Dats cool

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Very very very good

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Wow super execellent

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Que es eso

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Love it

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Hats off

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Que rico arroz

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@ninoanzee lovely 😊

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Beautiful my god @vianehh

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@makeupcat13 pretty cool

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Good idea

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@voltlinkstagram grab your o

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This is creativity

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