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hello, world! meet today’s #weeklyfluff: from left to right, there’s kiko, watson and london (@wat.ki ), an unlikely pack of two golden retrievers and one lil’ hedgehog. “they’ve been good friends since day one,” says their human, jennifer medrano, who works as a photographer and videographer in washington. “watson is a natural when it comes to bringing us all together. it’s one of his best qualities.”
the three are often adventuring and exploring in the pacific northwest. aside from spending time in the great outdoors, “watson loves performing ‘trust falls’ and loves to hug,” describes jennifer. “kiko loves to sing, and london the hedgehog loves her hats. it’s so adorable to see her running around outside with her cute yellow hat.” 🐶🐶🦔

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@ninja717616 2 weeks ago

Q cucis

@jy5ugey 2 weeks ago


@rochisol779 2 weeks ago

Descansando?.... pero con ese pequeño,q sí se supo acomodar...*****

@leaky1237 2 weeks ago


@calfinignacio 2 weeks ago


@thiago_stiffles 2 weeks ago


@danielblazek2 2 weeks ago

Jsou to miláčkové ,mám doma fenku tu zlatou

@leito_rubio 2 weeks ago


@mo10_00 2 weeks ago


@frosildapolena 2 weeks ago

Absolutely adorable! ❤🐶🐶

@frosildapolena 2 weeks ago


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@deathjokers 6 days ago

It's so look cute!!!!

@rockstar.thresh 6 days ago

@oniana8 erisoooo

@maks_kisko 6 days ago

Маленький друг 🐾✌🏼🐾😌👍🏼

@tonynera 4 days ago

Sweet 💯😍

@svetlanapopova307 3 days ago

Все бы так лояльны были друг к другу

@lubagucalo22 2 days ago

Круто круто

@lubagucalo22 2 days ago

Дом Крутой Сем бо я поїду

@yami_maradiaga25 2 days ago


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@far0ooha.16.4 Yesterday


@ainoa920 Yesterday

Ygvj. -sjsj alas mama @ ljkabaa

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@ainoa920 Yesterday


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