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Two image collage.
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@kristian.l.i 5 weeks ago

@stefffani.m super interesting feed:)

@foxy_and_the_hound 5 weeks ago

This may be one of my favorites.

@surbhidhuppad 4 weeks ago

Why do you do it with every single one of them? the novelty is lost

@mumbai_streetphotographer 4 weeks ago

@surbhidhuppad because i love them and more are coming. novelty does it even matter? maybe this is a series!

@ruuuttuu 4 weeks ago

Dude how can you have so much of imagination and creativity?!?! this is so amazing... rather each and every post of yours...💙💙

@mumbai_streetphotographer 4 weeks ago

@_rxtxjx_ haha thia collages just happens ni imagination

@j.verma86 4 weeks ago

Hahaha..this is funny

@voltaire_arts 4 weeks ago

Great work!

@rd_choudhury 4 weeks ago

It looks like the character form kunfu panda movie😂

@surbhidhuppad 4 weeks ago

@mumbai_streetphotographer don't get me wrong... i absolutely love the collages but with some i feel like the original must have been much more beautiful

@mumbai_streetphotographer 4 weeks ago

@surbhidhuppad but these collages are not meant to be so called beautiful. trust me i love all the orignal images i have taken but i love the process of making collages more they are weird, bizarre ,unique, imaginary and fails too. hope you get what i am trying to say..

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