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Video by @kiliiiyuyan
“the land has always been the thing that always draws me in,” says photographer and traditional kayak builder kiliii yuyan (@kiliiiyuyan ). “it’s really hard to be a human being and not feel the call of the land — the land is where everything starts. aside from family, it’s the most important value that we have.” kiliii is chinese-american and a member of the hèzhé, an indigenous group from the border region between eastern siberia and northeast china.
“as i continue to work with indigenous communities, i find that not only is the work really hard and really rewarding, but also out of all the different things that i work on, it’s probably the thing where i feel the most at home.”
tune in to our story to see scenes from kiliii’s travels documenting the iñupiat people in alaska.

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They like to live on the contrary us 😔😔😔

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Bouche bée

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Blancos frios de hielo!

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So cool!😎

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Hope they don't find their way to a japanese dinner plate

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This look like roc climbing!!!!!!!!!!

@calostfils4444 4 weeks ago

This look like rock climbing!!!!!!!!!

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سبحان الله

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