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“i adore drawing. i’m obsessed with it,” says t.s abe (@ts_abe ), a 28-year-old british artist who creates short looping videos of her pencil-and-paper self-portraits. “i’d been making traditional pencil self-portraits for over a decade before i decided to pick up my camera and shoot with the intention of creating a portrait in motion,” says abe, who lives in west london. “i shoot the footage of whatever i’ve seen in my head, play around with it on my computer to find the perfect loop, and then draw the frames—typically six to 20 of them.”
she’s been a full-time illustrator for more than three years, but abe doesn’t take the creative freedom for granted. “making a living from drawing is still mind-blowing to me,” she says. “drawing is so comforting — being able to distill the peculiar and confusing experience of life into something exacting.”
see abe’s creative process 👀 — today on our story.

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@prakriti_pratap_singh 3 weeks ago


@prakriti_pratap_singh 3 weeks ago


@asmarafram2004 2 weeks ago


@asmarafram2004 2 weeks ago


@asmarafram2004 2 weeks ago


@asmarafram2004 2 weeks ago


@asmarafram2004 2 weeks ago


@asmarafram2004 2 weeks ago


@asmarafram2004 2 weeks ago


@girlzcorner2345 2 weeks ago

She will look the best with a dusky- dark skin tone !! whatever skin tone the person thinks she would have decides whether he is a racist or not..

@sharmasharmasuraj 2 weeks ago


@kevincarter265 2 weeks ago


@mariasantiago510 2 weeks ago

I like that 👍

@shaforostovav7 2 weeks ago


@mustuku87 2 weeks ago

Güzel çizim...

@wondeyeatlabachew 2 weeks ago


@frosildapolena 2 weeks ago

Beautiful drawing!❤

@frosildapolena 2 weeks ago


@cherie.jones.9615 2 weeks ago


@mannys649 2 weeks ago

Nice drawing my queen

@nivia730 2 weeks ago

I love drawing too!!! i try and make pictures every week.

@illustratingangelina 6 days ago

Woah @shansibbald how crazy that it can move. i wonder how hard it was to draw like that. very inspiring.

@syucriel 6 days ago

@sarahsuhairi muka macam awak

@a874441 5 days ago


@ferqaneeliyeva7 4 days ago


@brianmog94 4 days ago


@abdo.mexco4526 2 days ago

اه الفن الرقى ده بصرحه انتى عجبتينى تحياتى وقبلاتى

@misscarlijay_healthyliving 2 days ago

That’s talent ✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️

@pasqualeemarti 20 hours ago

Mi piace!.

@betty.napier.399 15 hours ago

Wow very nice

@juliantiyaooh.com5 7 hours ago

Bagus itu

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