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since she was a child, 21-year-old laetitia ky (@laetitiaky ) has braided her family’s hair. but after discovering images of women from different african tribes on instagram, hair sculpting became her new passion. “i started with simple things, like spikes, and gradually got to more complicated styles,” says the aspiring fashion designer who lives in the coastal city of abidjan, ivory coast.
“at first, i just wanted to share my creative world. now, i get messages from black women telling me how much i have helped them accept their natural hair! i feel a great responsibility, and i decided to go further by expressing themes that are close to my heart, like feminism, african beauty, positive body image and self-confidence.”
see more of laetitia’s styles on today’s story.

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@243xs2f65d63edsfd9xzwr8r2w4x42 2 weeks ago

Pl ease don't bleach your skin.

@ruffymut 2 weeks ago


@emmanuelnartehqua 2 weeks ago

Nice looking hair big up

@clinus8 2 weeks ago

Is this dreadlocks?

@timah885 1 weeks ago


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@mohamedjackiekamara 1 weeks ago

Natural beauty

@alyonnaxv 1 weeks ago

Amazing 😍

@petetasuakoh 6 days ago

Nice one

@gqaugust 6 days ago

🎺hyper music!!🎺

@asilkhan_kamzabai 5 days ago

Еріккен негр шашымен алысады

@sandlapper_eddie 5 days ago

@zachwildey 😆😆

@nellie.ahsee8 5 days ago

#wow so cool!!!!!!!!!!!

@halimaabdi5 5 days ago

Hi mambo

@hanna_jheine 5 days ago

Kkkkkk @elen2002

@iraj409226 5 days ago

تمدن افریقا از مصر تا افریقای جنوبی در ده هزار سال با اوباما در سال۲۰۲۰

@garry.fitzgerald.71 4 days ago

Aussie. aussie aussie. oui. oui oui..

@frosildapolena 4 days ago

Amazing! ♥

@frosildapolena 4 days ago


@c38er.thod 4 days ago

Fake! nega können keine trompete spielen

@istudio_designs 4 days ago

🌹 this is beautiful🌹

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@jorgedividzeball 3 days ago

Belleza total

@myjoeystory 3 days ago

@montsevegag mira la página de esta chava tiene un buen más 😆🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

@hunterscottwhittle 2 days ago

Black at it again

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