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since she was a child, 21-year-old laetitia ky (@laetitiaky ) has braided her family’s hair. but after discovering images of women from different african tribes on instagram, hair sculpting became her new passion. “i started with simple things, like spikes, and gradually got to more complicated styles,” says the aspiring fashion designer who lives in the coastal city of abidjan, ivory coast.
“at first, i just wanted to share my creative world. now, i get messages from black women telling me how much i have helped them accept their natural hair! i feel a great responsibility, and i decided to go further by expressing themes that are close to my heart, like feminism, african beauty, positive body image and self-confidence.”
see more of laetitia’s styles on today’s story.

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Black mamba

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How is that even possible?!

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Sorry but hate it

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ماشي الله

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В прикол ✌🏼😌✌🏼

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This so called musical instrument looks more innovative than dizzy gilespies horn!

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Wow :0

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Bisanya di

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Creativity at its best... respect 👏👏👏📷

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That's cute and unique

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So cool!!!

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That is disgusting

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ذا شعرش ولا مشترا من علي مرق

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ذا شعرش ولا مشترا من علي مرق

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