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“i started my instagram account because i wanted people to know that this is not a sad thing,” says oakley peterson (@nothingdownaboutit ), mother to scarlett, ames and welles. just after his birth, welles was diagnosed with down syndrome. “he comes with challenges, but what kid doesn’t? i relish in his innocence and his purity and his no-malice personality. and that wisdom i see in his eyes — he gets happiness, which we’re all always trying to find and never quite reaching. he’s already got it.”
if oakley could teach her followers one thing about motherhood, it would be to not fear the unexpected — or making mistakes. “kids are so forgiving,” she says. “they can learn through our mistakes that you’re still going to be loved when you do things wrong. because my kids love me even when i’m not a perfect mom.”
today, we’re celebrating #mothersday in the us. watch our story to meet oakley, welles and the rest of the family.

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I like children

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Kids play essential role to reduce stress 😍😘😍😘😍

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Si peu de differences dans leur sourire...

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