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tatiana ivanova (@tv_ivanova_ ) remembers the first moment she felt like a mother. “it was when my firstborn daughter was 12 days old,” she says. “my labor with her was very rough and the days after were a blur. but on day 12, i remember realizing that this is my daughter and i’m a mother. it’s a new journey, and it’s starting right now.”
outside of her career in real estate project management, tatiana creates floral scenes in her home in boston with her two daughters: valerie, now 7, and elize, who’s almost 4. “floral styling emerged when i was looking for things that bring me joy in life,” says tatiana. “now, i’m doing it pretty much every day to feel joyful and alive. my daughters are my major source of inspiration — their sisterhood, their innocence and their unconditional love. if i could teach them anything as their mother, it would be to love themselves and to love the world around them.” 💐 #mothersday

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Aulia wardani bagus dan suka

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Wow, daughters are a heritage for real

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The girle is the beauty of home i like it 😍😍

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Mashallah very cute sweetie

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Детство ✌🏼😀✌🏼

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