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hello, world! meet barnaby (@barnaby_persian ), a doll face persian cat who lives in texas. for today’s #weeklyfluff, we asked barnaby a few questions about himself:
instagram: how would you describe your personality?
barnaby: i’m sometimes playful but often sleepy. i look very fluffy and cuddly, but i prefer to be admired from afar.
ig: how do you stay so fluffy?
b: i was born this way — and mom brushes me every morning after i eat my breakfast. i let her know when i’m ready by standing next to her and staring at her.
ig: what’s a story your humans always like to tell about you?
b: when my mom is sitting in her chair, i will always walk by and dip my tail into whatever she is drinking. whether it’s coffee, water or wine, it feels so refreshing. she loves it, too.

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@elizabeth.lz04 jajajaaj se parece a mí

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Me encanta ,yo ,tbn gatussa

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Cantik gan itu trend gaya bulu kucing 2018 ya.👌👍👍👍

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So cute how old is your cat !?

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Sweet ✌🏼

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асел кадырбекова

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мультик барби

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Киса 🐾✌🏼🐾😌✌🏼

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