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Today is the first day of asian american and pacific islander heritage month and there’s a few things that have been on my mind i’m having trouble putting into words.
despite living in san francisco (where i’m rarely the only asian person in the room) in the age of the internet, there are still times when i become extremely aware of my non-whiteness in the creative community — particularly in the world of self-employed designers. i am not sure what this means to me personally, or if it should mean anything at all, but it’s an awareness that continues to shape who i am.
as i’m writing this post, i also recognize how little initiative i’ve actually taken to educate myself on the work of asian american creatives over the years. i can count the asian american creatives whose work i am familiar with on two hands. it’s utterly embarrassing and i feel compelled to take time this month to seek out their work and their stories.
all this to say, thank you to the asian american authors, artists, humans who explore, create, share, and those who help amplify our voices, experiences, and points of views. you give people courage to create. you give people courage to own all they are. you give people courage to be.
📸 by @hahnbo speaking of asian american creators making rad work - check out emanuel’s work ❤️)

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Hi i love this pic of your pretty face and i miss you!

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Awww you two know each other @hahnbo great pic of ya, dohee!!

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Yesssss @schmohee this!!!!!!!!

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Thank you for sharing!!! you are bad ass, we appreciate you so much. btw check out @geneluenyang who is an amazing graphic novelist!

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Beautiful! 💕💕

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Thanks for sharing! i love the positivity you are spreading ☺️

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So pretty❤️ and post 👍🙌🏻

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So when do we start your asian americans interviews or something or other project? 😊

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I agree!! thanks for shedding light to this important topic! 🙌

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Loveee 💘

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Recognition and representation. we need more of it 🙌🏼

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You are just the cutest thing.

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Love! 💓

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