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From the series 'mongolia' // photo: © frédéric lagrange (@fredericlagrange )
“one doesn’t stop seeing. one doesn’t stop framing. it doesn’t turn off and turn on. it’s on all the time.” — annie leibovitz
traveling through more than 100 countries - french photographer frédéric lagrange has been documenting the world for the last fifteen years. visit www.independent-photo.com and discover frédéric's unique portraits of our planet.
inspiration for the 2018 landscape photography award: -
landscape photography is one of the oldest form of photography and can offer the viewer feelings of hope, isolation or peace, reflecting both the identity of the photographer and the spirit of the land.
enter now to win $1500 cash prizes, global exposure & see your work published & exhibited!
deadline: april 30th, 2018
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@thorntonbabes April 2018

Woah this is a photo, not digital art?? amazing

@_lucasbertoldo_ April 2018

Great shot!

@blossomingbry April 2018

Im in loveeee

@collectiveshotz April 2018

This is so good.

@teampphotography April 2018

Crazy nice!

@ggphotostories April 2018

I love this series from frederick! what heavenly reflections

@jraymond_photo April 2018

So beautiful, the shot itself is like a soundtrack of the earth. incredible

@luca_nacchio April 2018


@thagoldnchild April 2018

Love it

@nicolagiuseppecaputo April 2018

Truly fantastic

@jesusege April 2018


@nadegemsu April 2018

Nice post 😍 keep up the great work 🙌🏽🤙🏽

@travelmakesmerich April 2018

Great picture :thumbsup:

@s.law3 April 2018


@jv_bnw April 2018

Wow 🖤📷

@billy.the.wolf April 2018

Wow... don't have too many words to describe this. well done sir! @fredericlagrange 👌🏼

@scubahive April 2018

Whoa... that mirror effect 🤘🤘🤘🤘

@khurana.ansh April 2018


@jingssss_ April 2018


@voyagesparfaits April 2018

Theindependentphoto wow ! ❤

@posters_world April 2018

I like it

@austhylelli April 2018


@laszloguzsvany April 2018

Spectacular. 📸👌

@nathalie.avesta April 2018


@helios_beardie April 2018


@rjgoesglobal April 2018


@matteocargne April 2018

Great !!

@kazmierczakk90 April 2018

Idealnie w moim guście

@bnw_international April 2018


@collideor_and_scope April 2018


@benmorony April 2018

Amazing shot ❤️

@benmorony April 2018

Amazing shot ❤️

@odestory April 2018


@danielesegni April 2018


@_manojit_sarkar April 2018

Awesome pic

@birseniisevdim April 2018

Ve ben artık kalbine kötülük değmemiş insanlar tanımak istiyorum @birseniisevdim 😊 🌙🌼

@danielesegni April 2018


@danielesegni April 2018

Nice :)

@tyliil_kh April 2018

I just had a look at your photos. your perspective is normal but composition is great! just wanted to say 😉✌

@zantepay.lifestyle April 2018

It is so good!

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