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an appetite for entrepreneurship (and noodles) led june quan to transform a career in entertainment law into @stirandstyle – a personal brand dedicated to sharing her love of eating. leaving work that she loved “was the toughest decision of my entire life,” but june is enjoying the journey. “i’ve had fun finding my own voice in the food scene and i use my law degree every single day,” she says. in addition to co-owning three restaurant stands at smorgasburg in la, june is adding her own flavor to the food blogging scene by enjoying larger-than-life eats on camera to educate her audience about lesser-known eateries that are worth the trip. “being a restaurant owner too, i definitely support local businesses. i want to spotlight the restaurants that are affordable, and good, and easy, and casual.”

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@rosettalatorre621gmail.com_ 2 weeks ago

Io mangio cosi😋😋

@maks_kisko 2 weeks ago

Фу 😝😝😝

@bryantaylor402 2 weeks ago

Hello that should be so sweet

@gondrong64 2 weeks ago

Ni aku cari cewk orang cinna aku mau brteman klu aku bner suka ama kmi jjur aja aku mencintai mu

@nevermorekissyou 2 weeks ago


@b5s4_avant_noggy_crusher 2 weeks ago

Lol haha cute eating hehe

@emilandis 1 weeks ago

@filip.furlan nooooodlessss

@yahariart 1 weeks ago


@hadjira.derouaz 1 weeks ago

Wtf 😂😂😂😂:-)

@ruslan_tenha__ 1 weeks ago

Ay deli

@irg_mur 6 days ago

The pasta maker, universal🧖‍♀️

@maks_kisko 6 days ago

Фууу 😝😝😝

@mr.javidi.1994 6 days ago

کسخله کسمغزه کله کیری 😑😑😑

@69dimes69 6 days ago

Very autistic.

@oioioioiisla 6 days ago

To help me recover my old account

@mhmlmrn 6 days ago

This is so weird 🙃😕

@ma.mad8704 6 days ago

کیر خر بخوری

@ma.mad8704 6 days ago

حالمو زدی ب هم

@willyysnatcher 6 days ago

All i know now is that she eats like donkey.

@tia.jsu 5 days ago

I'm hungry now...

@10.0025055496636 5 days ago


@10.0025055496636 5 days ago


@sidahmedoudji 5 days ago


@sidahmedoudji 5 days ago


@sidahmedoudji 5 days ago

Bonnes appétit

@juliocesarpjesus 5 days ago

Delícia 🍓

@emo_chicken_nugget569 5 days ago

Listen to that with your eyes closed

@lpsviki22 5 days ago


@_eli_knt_ 5 days ago

Disgusting!why you chew it like that!😲😲😝😝😝(my opinion)

@justincastalano 4 days ago

Hm you real funny

@jhonalexis669 2 days ago

Parecen tenias

@sheilanunes1837 2 days ago

Tá se achando

@maks_kisko 2 days ago

Фу 😝😝😝

@glindjela 2 days ago

Make me hungry

@budinnasution Yesterday

Enak ya

@katendeabuba Yesterday

Wat ar diz eats!!

@osmankedikli 17 hours ago

Ne yedın

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