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Photo by @danielmercadante
using long exposure and a homemade light bar attached to a hockey stick, daniel mercadante (@danielmercadante ) created this light painting of the “rainbow road” along the california coast. 🌈 “i love to imagine that the rainbow road runs all over the planet and into the depths of the universe,” says daniel. “it reminds me that wherever we are, light and happiness guide us if we are willing to see it.” #whplandscape

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سبحان الله

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Радужно ✌🏼😌✌🏼

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Bautiful !

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Que vónito 🔥❤️

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Wow this is so out of this planet📷📷📷

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Радужно ✌🏼😀✌🏼

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Biggest joke of century 👎👎👎👎😬😬😬

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Bellicima foto

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Hats off to the creativity 👌👌

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So so nice

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