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Love is nothing without action. trust is nothing without proof. regret is nothing without change.⠀ ⠀ #simplereminders #picture #inspiration #quotes #quotestoliveby #quoteoftheday #words #trust #regret #change #action #selfhelp

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@sheila5260 5 weeks ago

I like that , something to think about

@gilligan_susan 5 weeks ago

I guess

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@reefwahine 5 weeks ago

Learnt the hard way - lost a love that i didnt prove action to

@ramlogansherry 5 weeks ago

True words...

@vithal1ram 5 weeks ago

@vandanagosine will try my best baby, love u 😗😗😗

@magdarocha19532017 5 weeks ago

True so true.

@lengolino 5 weeks ago

Very true. seems profound. yet love is a process proven over time. i am fortunate to have these qualities true in a few who i hold dear. i’m grateful for them every day.

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@mamabasil 5 weeks ago

Love 💕💕 another great quote this morning!!

@spirit_junkee 5 weeks ago

Amen 💯

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@jameswelsh19 5 weeks ago

What’s it called when people block your driveway & prevent one from finding love ? :(

@barbara_ann_9 5 weeks ago

Love this!!!❤️❤️❤️

@_djan_ddine 5 weeks ago

Well said

@t_ann_aydelotte 5 weeks ago

You keep doing what your always doing, you will for sure keep getting what your always getting, change takes place on the inside, without outside influences rather it be people, places, things, drugs, alcohol, we sometimes think we can change our bad health, or our unpleasant circumstances, or the way others think, it won’t, only we can change. drinking or anything is just a temporary release. so grateful i understand that today.

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@concis1947 5 weeks ago

Ok i see you don’t believe or trust me 😞

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