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No one is worth stressing over, move on. leave people behind. go find yourself. the world is yours. life goes on.⠀

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@lilsubie February 2018

Quadruple like!!

@cjrsmom February 2018

Life changed 9/22. working on a new paradigm.

@boukey1 February 2018

Thanks for the reminder! sometimes we want revenge. but as the good book states, "vengous is mine says the lord."👍🏽

@ilanahenrietta February 2018

@song__of__hope February 2018

@true_blue_6512 February 2018

Sure is

@duhleelahallan February 2018

How? with no money?

@ramlogansherry February 2018

Definitely so...❤❤

@kukuproduction February 2018

Yeah... but its so difficult...😭😭

@99cjoy February 2018

@stajmon - hakuna matata

@monique_harvest February 2018

Thank you

@an_angel_card_a_day February 2018

Free yourself 💗

@santild1 February 2018

This!!!!! @mssophiab

@mssophiab February 2018

@santild1 yes!!!

@hlewis8919 February 2018

It’s not that easy unfortunately

@peter.carrara February 2018

Forreal though. i don't know why i let s**t get to me for so long,but thank god i'm not putting up w the s**t now. moving forward and leaving these vampires behind. ain't nobody got time for the b's,got places to go,things to do,ppl to see,and my happiness today,it's for sure about me.

@peter.carrara February 2018

Hope all is well w you and everyone else.

@myhistoryfix February 2018

@hollyberry2729 hell yeah

@andrea_sap February 2018


@vishalkumar1384 February 2018

When you espcially go for your sucess then you should keep moving where you understand is right and leave all distraction but try to find new efficient way so you can reach easily where. when you made yourself for certain act then you have leave person to see their present situation for your work. for ascertaining your life in working hour many person leave and comes but you put yourself irreplaceable place so you can serach how can i found myslf truly. some people going to claim you that you are very selfish so don't want another inferior person in your way but at that time you should tell that i go so far so there's lot insecurity risk so i just be more selfish. if you came here that means you are selfish as well. try to keep yourself fullest potential you should never mind like this comment but you see massive world and their oppourtnity to make yourself so better. for life countinuos happiness you have to deal different and let this fact that life goes but we need to change yourself accroding life. these kind of sharpness of mind comes when you will have awareness to see your work. so make oppourtnity to done your job even you go far difficulties as well because without success no happiness will be exsit.

@nannajojo19 February 2018

@emylee_gallagher hmm...

@bethrobertspoler February 2018

Sometimes easier said then done,🙄, especially when you have health flaws, and recentley divorced after 33 yrs. any suggestions??👀💜💋🕊

@nqt_s_yp_oc_w_sas_p February 2018

Leave family behind, that's ok?

@sschells February 2018

I really like this

@ju_schie February 2018

@vrenelii 😘

@vrenelii February 2018

@ju_schie the world is ours. aber sowas von! 😘

@apreciada_alma February 2018

Love❤️ this finding myself a days at a time

@mienazmies February 2018


@joleneal February 2018

You can do this - i have faith in you @doublek08

@kathleenrenter February 2018

Do you care about the swath of disaster you are ignoring and abandoning?

@victoria.schiavone February 2018

@kfield22 this really hits home girl! ❤️

@concis1947 February 2018

If that’s what you want

@lala76lala February 2018

💯@lpprincess_ 😘

@mereeta February 2018


@kred210 February 2018


@rubina.fazal February 2018


@salvajeperuano February 2018

@savah1980 <3

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