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Always be in love with a soul not a face.⠀

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@rosang_herbt February 2018

Only way i know how! and sure i’m still empty handed!

@rpjoll February 2018

Thats s****d

@ruggedelegance_7 February 2018


@lawney__ February 2018

The eyes tell a lot

@simplyrimaa February 2018

@maulikp2 😍

@mrschesterdogg February 2018

I learned this the hard way in the 90's. got my heart broken into a million pieces by a man with a beautiful face and body, but an empty soul.

@shazza_1111 February 2018

💕💕a beautiful soul is so important 💕💕

@dawnkitty1010 February 2018

A soul filled heart, is so precious ❤️

@mariafevillela February 2018

Yes i agree beautiful heart and soul😍😘

@anitafelice9440 February 2018

Hallelugha.amen glory.💛 hallelugha.😊 amen.👼

@vivienwillie February 2018

The eyes show the soul of the heart.. never be fool by the appearance!

@spyglass03 February 2018


@libertostephanie February 2018

Yes look 👀 into the eyes;windows to the soul.🕉

@gloriamurayama7 February 2018


@mawyork February 2018

Me too, looks are fading, a soul is special forever.

@vishalkumar1384 February 2018

This should be but most of person who always convince another person to see kind of quality they itself apply own tag that i had have beautiful generation so i am feeling proud. before fixing life abyone can put free desire infront of anyone but after that you can not claim that if you have not physical beauty so i am leaving. for permanent love you need to do it when you are soul is allow you at claim first to see as it way. there is one contravercial act comes up that if anyone is beautiful then not means they have not food soul or participation of soul in their love story. i had been always thought like that when i will ses purity of heart and good soul then want to be my life if there is beauty present then also everything is fine. one busy person and self developed person can nerver fed up to see all these external quality when they fell love .there is certain kind of bonding which is once introduced then it difficult to remove also and make it again new. there is also time management and show up front person greatness that you can accept anyone odd if they admit which kind of insecurity really that person has.

@mnchilde February 2018


@carmela_cm February 2018


@trinidad_born February 2018


@dragonhaichi February 2018

@august081922rush ♥️♥️♥️

@pixlil February 2018


@angaykanni February 2018


@lyons.tee February 2018

Amen 👏👏💯💯👌👍😊

@yanthie30 February 2018


@djan_ddine February 2018

Well said 👍

@august081922rush February 2018

@dragonhaichi i love your soul

@andreaangeles9 February 2018


@heartestrada February 2018


@mycaaaaaaaaaaa February 2018

Always 💕

@peggyjaynemullins February 2018

What a wonderful idea.

@1991ziggy February 2018

Amen!!!! ❤❤❤❤🤗

@eva.stomeus February 2018


@ibrahim____shah February 2018

No one will disagree with this but no one will practically follow this statement,we are all liars ......😡we all...

@carol.naturally February 2018

This is #everything

@ostrosser February 2018

ì wish everyone would learn that

@laurasworldinpics April 2018

@mackiebhoy told you xx

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