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We all have someone who hurt us so much, that it changed us forever.⠀ ⠀ #simplereminders #relationships #video #inspiration #quotes #quotestoliveby #quoteoftheday #words #hurt #pain #change #love #selfhelp #selflove

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@__tisdale__ last month

Yes. yes this happens, and it takes a lot of time and self-forgiveness to recover, and hopefully forget it all one day.

@dawson_mckie last month

Many people my g

@cjrsmom last month

Yes. trying to work through my he pain and disappointment now.

@marynenaavilia last month

Yes, that's right

@lisalt63 last month


@jimson528 last month

I can totally agree. but... more like grew rather than change. hehe. or upgrade.

@svalentinephotos last month

Oh yeah

@connie1247 last month

So sad

@apreciada_alma last month

Made me see my worthiness and develop boundaries and discovering selfcare and love not relying to get it from elsewhere overcoming fear of aloneness introduce myself to live again

@exquisite.unique.impactfuloils last month

Hardest lesson ever learned... 18 years of friendship gone...

@febreezio last month

Move on to find someone that values your worth!

@nnnorwoodo last month

Believe it, it happens!!!

@liza_50th_ last month

Ismael soso

@dizeen28 last month


@tjgallagher13 last month

Being alive in life is pain. goes hand in hand.

@glassmandave last month


@vishalkumar1384 last month

There is very important point comes someone has less number of people who hurt and how much you loyal at that time ,and some crictical person who did better to stand at your foot that matter more. how much senstive person get from where any pain definitely make so great instated you also respond them and try to keep trap in very low act. who have understood this logic frequently definitely they don't care any more but try to do better because these times never come again and do it better. once you get any amazing sucess then everyone try to learn your biography and take inspiration from where. i found myself so disappointed when everyone make situation so general even another have got more more highest position than you. any individual sucesss the create own level is required very hard struggle and crictical usage of time. who will hurt anyone to make i am your definetly they are very bad kind of person. i always prefer any great personality who did better and try to observe life so closely, if they did something so at this times show him which kind of mindset they had to see their sucess. there is no neccesity to describe anymore.

@iamsophianelson last month


@susanmejia2318 last month

Tru!!! thanx for makn me who i will b 4ever!!! single100%

@freeborn_shurtugal last month

@shubhampoyekar i would love to hear someday about you..

@auntie123069 last month


@kheddouma4028 last month

Yes it s so true

@diehardnewyorker last month

Yes we have, no matter how hard we try to forget, slam it smacks you right in the face again.

@megswiggins last month

Amen. changed us for the better

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