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Your pain was always a part of a plan to open your heart to love. — bryant mcgill⠀

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Just life! ❤️

@tinkerbellhelps February 2018

Yes, working overtime. #love #god

@wenddynotwendy February 2018

@vickypolyzos love you vasilikimynutts

@julzbabe16 February 2018

Gotta hold on to that thought

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@sugagal777 February 2018

Can't do that anymore. 😔

@deniseakc February 2018

Exactly can't keep doing that...people say the love word too easily and then discover maybe they don't know what love is supposed to be and you waited til you knew you loved them now you're in and they're out and omg so painful.....so so painful... 😒

@gilligan_susan_ February 2018

The show me lord who he really is?

@gouridevi February 2018

Yes so true 💯

@jeroomistry February 2018

Good morning

@su.zak.5 February 2018

Trying to realize this may be half the battle! thx b&j❤️

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@cjrsmom February 2018

Hope so.

@vishalkumar1384 February 2018

That true i had, and how many person have ambition to deal that problem definitely they will get something. sometimes person want to avoid but if you will get countunous supply of pain then at that care you forget all troublesen

@vishalkumar1384 February 2018

........trublscent and try to focuse to resolve this problem permanently so you can live your life so happily. when any particular person always hurted you and you took inspiration from where then you never go to love them but at least you don't hate everyone. you have learnt enough lession and try to implement these things in your future so you can resolve those problem so easily. who were more senstive definitely get experience from everywhere to and try to pick root to all those act that why it is happening to me. i had also such kind of mindset when i not see anyone then feel everything here is fine and very postive. but i lived where for sometime permanently then i understand true face and various circumstances from where, these all act might be so panic but very precious to reach my destination. when you avoid problems in cruel society then you can never any single better things but all your live will be bad than today .after all these things happens to you found yourself so conciouse but don't get mad in love also because when people give you condition to love then that who is compatible with you and also benefical for you definitely they only be part of your love. this smart so understand car

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@strategraph February 2018

If only youare positive during the process.

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@inka3d February 2018

I think my plans should be reviewed

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I believe 🙏

@cypresssphynx February 2018

Oh believe me that is so true. im living it right now. i pray everyday that my life is above all pain. because that is the past i no longer want to be a part of.

@bettyboop1809 February 2018

@raptisimo 🙏

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