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Karma has no menu. you get what you deserve.⠀

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@rufusreilly February 2018

I can only hope he does

@froolygrl February 2018

The truth and it always finds you

@stillbirthmamafightingforlight February 2018

@gilligan_susan i agree with you. i didn’t deserve to have my son stillborn, i’m a good person. just like so many are good ppl and have horrible things happen to them- they don’t deserve that!

@dawnkitty1010 February 2018


@talabree February 2018

If only!

@magdarocha19532017 February 2018


@tien_ima February 2018

So true. i strongly believe that ❤❤

@rosang_herbt February 2018

Karma has a funny way of coming back to those who are so eager to have it on someone they might not like or understand!

@gilligan_susan_ February 2018

Stillbirthmamafigtingfor light im, so sorry for your loss ok

@gilligan_susan_ February 2018

Im,so sorry that shouldn't of happened to you it makes me sad for you

@bethrobertspoler February 2018

Oh yes,i believe in karma,might mot happen right away, but it'll happen🙄!!

@campbell_elwanda February 2018


@aritonangrw February 2018

Hukum kepantasan.

@mahendrarahud February 2018


@muskan14o1 February 2018

@hulali February 2018


@szildianne5 February 2018


@peace.love.music.4ever February 2018

@keepthelove 😂😂😂

@vishalkumar1384 February 2018

That true, if anyone try to work after making menu then they definitely face lot of struggle and perhaps not get what they deserve beacause there is very beneficial to understand prolongation of time if you didn't understand then face extra complexity at any direction. menu has no frequent change is possible once we made then you have to survive longer time but at this time any instant of time you have to change your working method for frequent and efficient result. if you know that little modifications and their significance then you can reach anywhere so easly. karma has set of act so you define your future. it can be any direction. who follow strict manner rule and regulation definitely they don't get enjoy from your work as well as try to focuse to maintain those menu more than see their benefits. i have seen who followa this rulw definitely either they get little sucess or failure because they have more focuse keep your according that menu. who want to go see benefit if they need change then do definitely they are more better acheiver.

@marynenaavilia February 2018


@merideemacd February 2018

I believe in karma. seen it happen!

@nedatorabinia February 2018


@ramlogansherry February 2018


@concis1947 February 2018

Everyone does

@cheebster60 February 2018

Sooner or later you will experience it , if you did good things in life it will come back to you , pray to god you didn’t do bad thing to people , because you will see the results 😉😉

@kotian.pratima February 2018

Very true

@rosemaryrico061967 February 2018

Amen thanks for reminding us

@ty_pampam February 2018


@julsuperba February 2018


@ji11iess February 2018

Very true!

@ruggedelegance_7 February 2018


@lisaschmid3 February 2018

You are served what you deserve!! 🍽

@strategraph February 2018

Total knowledge of this makes you better person.

@peggyjaynemullins February 2018

Amen 🙏🏻

@madelinehaithcock February 2018


@lynn4290 February 2018

If you make mistakes and learn from this pactice it

@reneevinis February 2018

Watch out because it's coming.

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