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love is in the air — and in the mechanic’s shop. “as we all know, love refers to a feeling of strong attraction and emotional attachment,” writes govind raikwar (@gboxrkw ) in his caption. “here is another such example of love, and it’s not with a living thing but with this mean machine.” 🏍💗 #whpwithlove

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@nideepraj 3 weeks ago

What a talented person

@edingtondale 3 weeks ago

Sweet bike..

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@graham_pruett 1 weeks ago

Last one till this morning ok. please respond. u can tel how devoted i am. please // can u add “·” to the username data base. so i can have a username with “·” in my username // please @instagram

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@mazher3280 5 days ago

Bullet i like it

@mazher3280 5 days ago


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