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Photo by @chebmoha
twenty-five-year-old cheb moha (@chebmoha ) was born in iraq, raised in libya and canada, then couch-surfed his way across europe and the middle east. he’s settled (for a moment) in the united arab emirates. “i have never encountered a place that was boring to me,” says moha, whose first photos were made with an old film camera and a roll of expired film. “the pictures were really bad,” he admits. but he’d found a way of connecting with people around the world. “it’s a very intimate thing to ask someone, ‘can i take your picture?’ it created a lot of friendships, a lot of relationships and opportunities.”
from those opportunities, he’s built a career as a stylist, art director and photographer, with his images now hanging on gallery walls at gpp photo week, the dubai-based photo festival organized by @gulfphotoplus. “i’m peeling back the layers of where i am and going beyond the confines of how things are usually seen,” he says.
watch today’s story to see his portraits from across the middle east.

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