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The college football playoff national championship (@cfbplayoff ) game took place in atlanta yesterday, where the university of alabama (@alabamafbl ) claimed an overtime victory over the university of georgia (@georgiafootball ). whether you were rooting for #rolltide or cheering on #godawgs, tune in to our story to see the action from the sidelines. 🏈

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Comment number 3,000 yay

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Happiest moment

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Hello how are you doing today and the weather with you overthere?just now

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@cloud_ricky March 2018

Roll tide..........roll........................

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True enjoyer_💘💗💞💖🔴❤💕

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Жизненно ✌🏼😌😁

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Love it seen ,that game love football i always pray to my god about it !!!! amen

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داداش دمت گرم.

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Nice :)

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