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Photo by @freyaeverafter_
two friesian horses, eva and luca, take a drink in unison on their kansas farm — the perfect unplanned moment for rupa sutton’s (@freyaeverafter_ ) #whpspontaneous submission. “i prefer to capture things as they happen rather than pose them,” says rupa.

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@lune_deneri 4 weeks ago

AŞkkkkkk.... ayni suyu tatmak... sevgİyle ❤️❤️👍

@shahsavarmohammadi6070 3 weeks ago

حقیقتا بعضی ازآدمهاکاش مثل اسب میبودن

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@toribrunning 3 weeks ago

I love horses🐴

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Ну очень люблю лошадей!

@colleen_steiner_ 2 weeks ago

Read her comment underneath the horse picture.

@beagles_are_so_cool 1 weeks ago

Waou gorgeous

@87.96156 1 weeks ago

I love it i have a friesen horde too

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