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Video by @ropestylers
based in paris, four athletes — pauline (aka “popo”), kevin (aka “choco”), jeff (aka “wens”) and brandon (aka “blacklee”) — make up the ropestylers (@ropestylers ), a professional double dutch jump-rope group, among the best in europe.
their favorite part of double dutch? “liberty!” says wens. “liberty to dance, make tricks, juggle and jump on the rope, but also liberty to be yourself — it’s accessible to all and can be practiced differently depending on the individual.”
watch our story right now to see more of the ropestylers’ skills.

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Ajeet kol

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Круть ✌🏼😁✌🏼

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Love that

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I wish i can do that on the high note

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Oooooo my god

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कश्ती है पुरानी मगर दरिया बदल गया,
मेरी तलाश का भी तो जरिया बदल गया,
न शकल बदली न ही बदला मेरा किरदार,
बस लोगों के देखने का नजरिया बदल गया! 😔
shayari123 .com

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é foda 😄😄

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@jumpropevideos repost 🙂

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Moi qui est déjà du mal à faire de la corde à sauter basique 😂

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