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Happy friday! i was able to visit @bardotbarsandcoffee this morning and jeff made me the most magical rose flavored lattes ever. ✨😍☕️ that’s literally my photo with mickey from my photo album along with the castle in the second picture and it’s ‘printed’ on my coffee this morning. . what they do is they make you download a free app and you basically upload your photo there. . thank you for making my friday extra good! @bardotbarsandcoffee @princepogiatdisney

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@findsaylorster 6 days ago

Oh my gosh!!! amazing

@sweetcozycafe 6 days ago

That is so cool!!

@michaelamcgrady 6 days ago

Holy moly 😍 @mphernandez1

@nmorphy 6 days ago

@devon_moonie how does this work? i would drink coffee if it looked like these

@aiia1977 6 days ago

Wow 😮

@mainstreetmarahute 6 days ago

Oh my goodness gracious 😍

@caelamay 6 days ago


@tangled.at.disney 6 days ago


@kimmykat17 6 days ago

😍this is amazing

@neverlandmercantile 6 days ago

Love this💕

@disneydentist 6 days ago

Love these!!! so cute! must go back!

@strangeandwondrousdreams 6 days ago

This is so cool!!! what the heck!!!

@kristenburrphotography 6 days ago

Wow!! that is amazing!!!

@dizmagic 6 days ago

We gotta go back again for sure

@nattieyepez 6 days ago

@debsdhg you got to be at this level debbie. cuando me agas un cafe i want to see my face lol

@desertrosebowtique 6 days ago

So cool!

@debsdhg 6 days ago

@nattieyepez bahahahaha man this is talent yo. tarea. i started busting at mine this morning dang. i couldnt drink this one or id take thousands of pics lol

@laneykristine 6 days ago

That’s so cool

@disney_landerprincess 6 days ago

I thought the pic was michael jackson in his aviators!😂😂😂

@disneyland_dreamin87 6 days ago

That’s amazing! 🙌😍

@natachahope98 6 days ago

Oh wouah these look fantastic ! 😍

@kaylahnee 6 days ago

Wow that’s so cool!!!!

@christina.andreo 6 days ago

Goals😍😍😍 @alexa_adams_

@ashley_mcmuffin 6 days ago

Thats insane! 😍 thanks for sharing

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