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Back and shoulder gains all 2018 baby! new year new me 😂💪🏽 no more games. hit the link in my bio to join the @workouts_by_katya fam ✨ this is your year! -
song: mo money mo problems by the notorious b.i.g. ft mase and diddy -
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@pr1967279 January 2018

Você parece ser minha irmã;

@joylivinglife January 2018

Where did you get your workout from?

@sins.sundaze January 2018

Where are these leggings from!!!

@daishavu_ January 2018

@zoehirxciv need this

@itsperla_7 January 2018

Approximately how many times a week do you hit up the gym ??

@paula_ace9 February 2018


@jaytorresz February 2018


@x.amu February 2018

The first one is 🔥 @abdi_ibrahim1

@renanhenriquebreezy February 2018

Linda gata 😍😍😍😍

@lydiamunos February 2018

@svedb @sins.sundaze celestialbodiez.com but they are sold out of the blue ones she has. the do have other colors 😊

@lydiamunos February 2018

@joylivinglife celestialbodiez.com

@lydiamunos February 2018

@abinetti1 celestialbodiez.com they did have the blue print but they are sold out. they do have other colors 😊

@kiwi_drizz February 2018

@yankeegirlsouthernlivin do you happen to know when they will restock , i only see pink and it's my least favorite color

@lydiamunos February 2018

@svedb @svedb i’m sorry i don’t. i have been checking for a while and they have yet to re stock the blue. you’re right they only have the pink w/ green & the red w/ green for the camo prints. hopefully they bring the blue print we all want! take care 😊

@kiwi_drizz February 2018

Thank you for answering , sorry thought you were with the company @yankeegirlsouthernlivin

@lydiamunos February 2018

@svedb no worries, happy to help 😊

@rohit0324 February 2018

Good work... 💪👍

@shakespeare_red March 2018

@diddy i'm bringing her home with me.and have a lil blue dot family.

@fahdesh_king March 2018

@f_shatrahz256 dumbbell flies on point 👌👌👌👌

@giant_behzad March 2018

Perfect 👍👍👍👍👍

@ravyrawks March 2018


@gabrielortiz9717 March 2018


@kaitizio April 2018


@casscrunks April 2018

@katyaelisehenry where did you get your tights from they are amazing??? 😘❤️❤️❤️

@kiannialexa 2 weeks ago

@casscrunks celestialbodiez.com i just stocked the comments lol

@casscrunks 2 weeks ago

@kiannialexa thanks 😍😍

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