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You ready for a new #garagerehab this wednesday?! join me, chris & russell for a live tweet session during the show wednesday 10/9c only on @discoverychannel. @garagerehabtv
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@43tony43 October 2017

Great program loving it !! keep it up mr rawlings

@terrycoulston October 2017

Ill be watching. kot (keep on truckin)

@ginnie1963 October 2017

Can’t get rid of me 😂😂

@suzannejenkins090 October 2017

I'm ready count me in richard!! 😍😍😍

@nicilarson October 2017

Never miss it! 😉

@realmen_do_yoga October 2017

Where in nashville were you ? i saw the preview and didn't recognize the location off hand ? i would like to take a vehicle there.

@josesanchez6478 October 2017


@ashejoseph75 October 2017

Can't wait #richardrawlings

@bethannsmith1981 October 2017

Oh i feel like an idiot! i need to read better, i saw this & was like yay! my monday is so much better! ah well. wednesday it is2.

@ninamaaritt October 2017

Waiting garage rehab to finland. 🔧👏💕

@rrrawlings October 2017

@43tony43 thanks for the love!

@austin9.b October 2017

Are you guys going to do a recap on the shops to see if they are still running a good business? maybe a season finale episode?

@hugesabrefan October 2017

Great job in nashville richard place looks kickass now wow

@carmyster2006 October 2017

It's great over here in the uk, maybe you should pop over here and do a series 👍

@superstarmelissadwn November 2017

@rrrawlings come rehab my husbands garage aye aye aye. impossible

@ninamaaritt February 2018

@rrrawlings great news! garage rehab is coming to tv next month in finland! jeah! 🔧🔧🔧🔩

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