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Indigenous people's day treat! a beautiful 📷 by @josh501m #losangeles #losangelesphotographer #lastyle #la #amazingphoto #beautifuldestinations #lalife #lalifestyle

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@ananlalapr October 2017

La love❤️

@mydreamhoneymoon October 2017

@sparkyourtravel look at this ❤❤😍😍!!

@lrubio213 October 2017

Indigenous people day!! come on bro can't get that twisted you rrpredenting la😎

@kaylahune October 2017

For real... please change your caption

@xx.ya.x October 2017

Edit your caption accurately. smh. happy indigenous people’s day! the los angeles city council voted to drop columbus day. many people are mindful and aware of the brutality that columbus and other white europeans committed.

@kmc3star October 2017

Yeah this is weird. orange county is on fire, so this feels a bit insensitive.

@annakokkori October 2017


@kahomnimni October 2017

@veganwiseyesi with respect you should remove the word white in the context it appears to be raciest . my point is erase all racism .

@nashdoi October 2017

Blade runner

@xx.ya.x October 2017

@kahomnimni racist* your point is impossible, in this lifetime. how can we erase “racism” if it too internalized into society. governments nationwide have been dividing people into racial categories by using a census application that countless individuals fill out. race is culturally and socially constructed but it’s effects had harmed numerous people, especially dark skin people. it would be foolish of myself to not take into account what europeans have done in the past to african slaves and indigenous people. i hope you formulate an alternative to “erase all racism”. good luck.

@xx.ya.x October 2017

@kahomnimni excuse my grammar, by the way.

@wrestle_with_russell October 2017


@josephthecastle October 2017

Looks like blade runner 2049

@riccardostyles October 2017

La 🙌

@christylz_ October 2017


@jaefromla October 2017

Its just a photo people.

@geedoezit October 2017

Check urself

@geedoezit October 2017

Indigenous peoples day

@geedoezit October 2017

Respect it

@jasonhay24 October 2017

La...blade runner style

@arut_koko October 2017

Celebrating columbus day is celebrating the spread of western civilization. lately a lot of people have been putting down western civilization, but its spread is one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to humanity, and no one can deny that fact. #happycolumbusday

@kahomnimni October 2017

@veganwiseyesi you can remove racism from your life . raciest people come in every color . it’s start with you , me and whomever else decides to remove it from their lives . what color were the jewish people, the slaves of pharaoh . i think your point about columbus was relevant but the word white was not 💐

@xx.ya.x October 2017

@kahomnimni sociologically speaking, your idea would lead to racial color blindness. 🤷🏽‍♀️ very understandable, have a great day. 💐

@simonecromer October 2017

Looks like a scene from blade runner 2049.

@septronic October 2017


@florianeandersen October 2017

@michelleortega33 that was my first thought when i saw the picture!

@florianeandersen October 2017

@nashdoi so much!

@nashdoi October 2017

@florianeandersen so amazing. just needs a musical score of synthesizers.

@florianeandersen October 2017

@nashdoi perfect scenery 👌🏻

@anushka.he October 2017

This looks amazing

@brunellaricci October 2017


@helloimart2d2 October 2017

I thought it was the result of the orange, ca fire yesterday.

@michelleortega33 October 2017

@florianeandersen right?! so scary!

@carolinadestulii October 2017

Amazing 👌🏼

@kidspatula October 2017

-i've seen things you people wouldn't believe. attack ships on fire off the shoulder of orion. i watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the tannhäuser gate. all those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. time to die.- roy batty, prodigal son.

@ginellearchibald October 2017

Seriously loving your feed!

@christinasneath October 2017

@hooligan_burl bad religion album cover

@peoplefromvenus October 2017

Lovely post

@lifeofmysugar October 2017

My city 🇺🇸😍

@kingh002 October 2017

Holy moly

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