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@instagram Today we’re hitting the gym with the one and only dwayne “the rock” johnson (@therock ), who is sharing his condensed life story in between morning workouts. 🏋️‍♀️✨⁣

learn all about the wrestler-turned-actor and star of the upcoming @jumanjimovie on our latest episode of #threeminuteautobiography. check it out right now on our igtv.

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F4f insta 😂

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Be ne szarjak

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Hi my friend i love your movie

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Hi rock i am your fan from florida please follow me on instagram😍😍👏👏👏

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Hello l love your way

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یا علی پاهارو😭😭

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아임 더락

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Когда кроссы в цвет стены спортзала🔥👏🙌

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Когда кроссы в цвет родных стен спортзала)🔥🙌👏🏻

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Gym g.o.a.t

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I want your song

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